Alpha Express Strains

Top 10 Marijuana Dispensary in Ashburn.

S no. Title Rating
1 Rocky Mountain Organics Central City 5.00
2 CBD Hemp Store - CBD Only 0.00
3 Connected Cannabis - Belmont 0.00
4 Cinder - Downtown Spokane 4.75
5 Smoking Crow - Bellingham 5.00
6 Garden of the Budz 5.00
7 Puerto Rico Cannabis Club (CBD ONLY) 0.00
8 Seattle Tonics 4.67
9 Mother Earth Herbs - Las Cruces 3.75
10 JC3 Provisioning Center 4.06

Alpha Express is an introspective sativa strain that descends from Alpha Blue and Ghost Train Haze. With a complex flavor that spans sour juniper and musky cedar notes, Alpha Express delivers spacey cerebral effects perfect for meditative or creative activities. Its buds bloom with trichome-covered calyxes that carry a red tint as the flowers mature.


Alternate Name : AlphaExpress, Alpha Xpress
Grow Difficulty :
Days To Flower : 0
Average Yield:
Average Height:



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